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The three common Fears 

The three common Fears – Among the multitude of fears which people have,

Three are perhaps the most common. They are;

  • The man has that he cannot measure up to his task
  • The fear that he is not the equal of the people with whom he is associated.
  • His position is insecure.


Dominated by such fears, no man can work with full effectiveness. To manage himself, to plan his life, he must remove them. To remove them, he must understand them, ascertain how they arise, and realize what little basis for them there is in fact. At the outset, he must be aware of the truth that fears are unnecessary. They are artificial, not inherited. have been acquired. They are not justified by the facts. So far as we know, there are only two causes of fear which have not been learned—that is, which are instinctive.

These two are:

  • A sudden, loud, unexpected noise.
  • A sudden withdrawal of physical support.


Common Fears

We have learned that this so by experimenting with infants too young to have acquired any experiences. Drop a book on the floor with a bang or suddenly pull away from the pillow on which the baby is lying, and he will scream with terror.

Let a vicious dog open its mouth at the child, place him in the dark, shake your fist at him—and he remains unafraid. Aside from the tow portents of disaster mentioned, there is absolutely nothing he learns through experience, and it is neither necessary nor desirable that he should ever learn any fears.

In other words, all the other fears we have—great or small—are habits that we have acquired. The fear may have been justified when first we experienced it. But its justification has long since ceased to exist, although the fear remains. We have forgotten why although the fear remains. We have forgotten why we first were afraid, but we still cling to the habits of being afraid under the same or similar circumstances.

Fears have been learned, they can be unlearned.

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