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How to Concentrate 

how to concentrate

How to Concentrate – The man who would manage himself must learn to concentrate. Without some power of concentration, self-management is impossible, lacking such power, you are the helpless prey of every whim and fancy that blows your way; possessing it, you are the master of yourself, it is not too much to say that the measure of a man is the extent to which he can concentrate.

By concentration, we mean centering the attention on someone subject.

The process comprises three things;

  • Thinking about what you want to think
  • Holding your mind to that subject
  • Excluding anything that is irrelevant to that subject


You sit at your desk and start to compose a letter that must be written, but you haven’t decided just what it is you are going to say. Your eyes wander to the wall. A picture is crooked. You get up to straighten it. You sit down again. Somebody drops something in the hall outside your door. You wonder what it was and who did it. They ought to be more careful. But what can you expect when the help isn’t paid very much? Or does that make a difference? No, People don’t work harder or more conscientiously just because

The sheet of paper catches your eye. Oh, yes, the letter! Just what is it you are going to say to him? Nice fellow, isn’t he, even if he is a little peculiar? There was that time. Hello! That’s a mighty pretty passing on the other side of the street. Let’s see where she goes. Well, she’s out of sight now. Wonder what time it is. Ho, hum, got to be getting back to this letter.

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