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Self Confidence 

self confidence

Self Confidence  – If you have any doubt about your ability to succeed in the thing upon which you are concentrate. Mistrust of your ability is akin to fear and worry. They set up counter attractions in your mind and tug strongly to drag your thoughts away from the subjects to which you are trying to hold them. Hearken to these doubts and you might just as well give up trying to concentrate. “Oh, what’s the use?” is the death sentence of concentration.

lack of confidence

Sometimes you may lack confidence in your ability to concentrate, but that, of course, is pure nonsense. Anyone can concentrate if he is deep enough interested, and interest is something that can be cultivated. To doubt your ability is to countermand the order you are giving your brain to fix its attention on someone subject.

Sometimes, of course, you are justified in doubting your ability to concentrate your ability to concentrate on a subject. hence when you are lacking in an ability to handle the subject upon which you are trying to fix your attention. finally, your attention keeps leaping from image to image, but you are so lacking in knowledge that there are not enough significant stimuli to give you images that are related.

Suppose that you are an office executive and your experience in the business has been confined to financial operations. Circumstances arise which place you in charge of production. One of the huge machines is turning out an article that is not quite right. Some slight change in design or some added feature seems called for, similarly that you think it over to see what can be done.

Furthermore, If you are a true financial man, you probably are totally unfitted to do any constructive thinking on that machine. You probably lack confidence in your ability to solve the problem — and that alone would prevent you from concentrating—but even if you thought you could remedy matters. The mere fact that you knew nothing about machinery would make it extremely difficult for you to concentrate. finally, You wouldn’t have the tools to think with. maybe your mind would be sure to go wool-gathering.

Concentrate on matters you can handle,
and have no doubts about your ability to handle them.

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